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Written By - Kaye Whitney

Whether you decide - or your folks did - there's plenty to consider.

Wow, the time has finally come for you to move out of home, either for work or study, or maybe someone else has made that decision for you.

Or it may just be time for you to head out alone into the big, wide world.

No matter why you may be moving, there will definitely be some decisions to make and some questions to ask yourself.

Regardless of whether you are 18, 21, 30 or 50 - this will probably be your first experience with the real estate industry, whether renting or buying.

You will probably rent at first (unless you are 50 and have saved a big deposit to buy a home while sponging off your folks) but it doesn't hurt to start planning to buy your first property.

If you are young and it is your decision to move out, you may ask, are you moving for the right reasons?

It may be a rash decision to move out simple because you feel a need for freedom (fair enough) but if it is not thought our carefully, you may find yourself back at home again quicker than you imagined.

Today, many young people decide to stay at home for much longer to save money so they can later invest in a home of their own, or so they can study to secure a high-paying career, or simply because they are not ready yet.

This is a wise move but one which doesn't suit everyone.

Luckily many parents seem more open to having their offspring around for longer, so they can support them in making the future more secure.

Not that many years ago, you were turfed out as soon as you left school and got a job - unless you were a farmer's son and then you stayed until 21, worked on the farm to pay back your folks and then you were free to pursue your desire.

This is the start of a very big learning curve....