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Technology is changing every aspect of our life so it’s little wonder it’s also changing the way we look at real estate. Here are 5 ways that technology has changed the way we buy and sell real estate

Online listings

Websites make it easy for anyone to view inventory and see what’s available. Along with photos and detailed descriptions of the properties, you can find tax and purchase history, school ratings and other neighbourhood info. Want a satellite view to check out how close you might be to a highway or shopping centre? You got it.

Mobile apps

All of those sites have apps too — technology that keeps you informed without having to do a thing. You’ll get notifications about new properties and listings that fit your search criteria. Plus, apps can help with your budget and quick access to agents and property managers.

3-D virtual tours

Going beyond photos, new software allows buyers and sellers to take a 3-D virtual tour of a residential or commercial property, making it feel as if you were walking through the space in person.

Real Time Data

The beauty of online resources is that all the information is pulled from reputable and public sources and is set in real-time. Meaning, if a listing is no longer available, most websites it shows up on will be updated to show either a “Pending Sale” or “Closed” status.

Marketing at your fingertips

Marketing has never been so easy. With tons of apps to create high-def imaging, filters, collages, and fancy font, social media marketing has become the main source of advertisement! One post can lead an organic view in the thousands! Plus, people are more likely to “like” “comment” or “share” a photo of a listed home on social media than read or pass along a flyer or postcard they received in the mail.